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CSR / Commitments

For each of our companies, being a responsible corporate citizen is not an option but a carefully thought-out strategy based on collective thinking to drive performance and deliver tangible, measurable results.

Our proactive CSR policy reflects our dedication to corporate social responsibility, our core values – respect and personal development for all stakeholders – and our firm commitment to supporting sustainable development and contributing to the energy transition.

Committed to the community

Our Groupe’s operations, including our call centers, are located throughout France, creating both direct and indirect jobs and supporting the country’s economy.

Groupe Rousselet and each of our subsidiaries pay all applicable taxes in the countries where they operate, and therefore primarily in France.

Thanks to a family ownership structure that gives us financial stability, we have the capacity to invest in our subsidiaries’ development projects over the long term.

We forge sustainable relationships based on mutual trust with all our partners, from our employees, franchisees and affiliated drivers to our customers and lessees. And we always conduct strategic discussions collaboratively, via our consultation committees.

Every year, our Groupe supports non-profit or non-governmental organizations involved in medical research, child protection and the promotion of human rights around the world.

We pay particular attention to making our services inclusive: Ada is the only company in France that rents vehicles to 18-year-old drivers at no extra cost, and G7 Access has a fleet of 150 taxis equipped to carry passengers with reduced mobility.

Committed to our people

We recognize our employees’ talents and are committed to providing a positive workplace environment. This includes promoting an approach to entrepreneurship among our subsidiaries that encourages initiative, a right to learn and a right to error.

The different businesses that make up our Groupe allow people from all backgrounds to enter the workforce and find their place in society. In addition, we help people build fully fledged careers by offering a comprehensive range of solutions, from advice and training to the rental of fully-equipped taxis, access to a booking platform and financial services for the acquisition of a license, a vehicle or an outlet.

To ensure the wellbeing of our people, we pay particular attention to equipment ergonomics, workplace lighting and ventilation, personal protective gear and individual training. Our subsidiaries apply proactive career development policies while also supporting gender equality, as illustrated by the policy for management positions at HOMEBOX.

The different businesses that make up our Groupe allow people from all backgrounds to enter the workforce and find their place in society.

Committed to the environment

At our headquarters and in our outlets, we promote a responsible approach to waste sorting, energy use and sustainable transportation. The initiatives implemented in this regard include: recycling collection points for plastic bottles, coffee pods and aluminum cans; printing on recycled paper; offices and warehouses designed or renovated to be environmentally responsible; and the creation of bicycle parking areas.

Our G7 subsidiary has stepped up investments in its Green fleet, which now comprises more than 3,500 hybrid or electric vehicles and is constantly growing. In 2019, hybrid and electric vehicles accounted for more than 80% of the orders taken by our Taxirama subsidiary, which handles the procurement of new vehicles. The shift to more environmentally responsible taxis is clearly under way.

Our Groupe also promotes electric mobility by supporting lessee/manager taxi drivers who choose an electric vehicle (G7TS) and by investing in electric cars for use in urban car sharing systems (Ada).

We encourage our subsidiaries to support wide-reaching and widely-recognized environmental initiatives such as the UN Global Compact signed by Novarchive, whose offering includes a recovery and recycling service for paper and cardboard waste. These initiatives have saved 15,000 trees, enabled more than 15,000 tons of paper to be recycled in 2019, reduced CO2 emissions and avoided the use of millions of liters of water and gasoline.

Attitudes have changed considerably, and drivers now factor in the environmental advantages of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Pierre Hubert
CEO, Taxirama
Ada supports Paris hospitals during the Covid crisis

Proof that corporate social responsibility is fully integrated into the Groupe’s strategy: during the Covid crisis, our Ada subsidiary provided the public hospital network in Paris with around 15 commercial vehicles (3 to 23 cubic meters of storage space). With deliveries affected by the health crisis, the provision of additional vehicles helped speed up the transportation of supplies between pharmacies and the network’s 39 public hospitals. The community-minded initiatives didn’t stop there : at the height of the pandemic, Ada also introduced a special offer (payment of kilometers driven only, with no rental fee) for local communities, non-profit organizations and healthcare workers who needed vehicles to assist people living in isolated areas.

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The governance team is responsible for defining the Groupe’s strategy and overseeing its implementation in line with Groupe values. It is supported by the Management Committees of each subsidiary and by the Board of Directors.


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