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Sérénis sets a new benchmark in nationally based customer relationship management services for key accounts – with a French touch.

Sérénis provides customizable solutions for key accounts in the real estate, banking & insurance and transport sectors.

From customer relationship management to business process outsourcing (BPO) and consulting (for training and recruitment), Sérénis ensures efficient processing of inquiries with a premium level of service across all preferred communication channels, such as email and instant messaging. 

All Sérénis customer relationship centers are located in France, and with some 200 employees we are today one of the main mid-size operators. This strong positioning allows us to offer customers an optimal combination of:

  • Customizable services, availability and responsiveness,
  • Solid foundations enabling us to invest in the latest CRM technology and best practices.


call centers in Châteauroux, Reims and Le Bourget


employees, all based in France and available 7/7




million calls handled in 2020

Sérénis demonstrates a distinctive French flair for customer relationship management, and our portfolio of customizable services are the best guarantee of highly effective, relevant solutions for creating value.

Guillaume Skwarek
CEO of Sérénis
Best Customer Service of the Year

Cogedim was voted France’s “Best Customer Service of the Year 2022” for the fifth consecutive year, in the Real Estate Promotion category. Cogedim teams have been supported by Sérénis since 2015, helping to ensure the most effective response to queries from private individuals interested in new home builds in France.

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