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Taxirama and Gamma Solutions

Taxirama and Gamma Solutions, part of Groupe Rousselet's Taxi Development business unit, offer taxi drivers all the equipment they need to provide a fully professional taxi service, including vehicles, licenses, taximeters, top lights and onboard G7 devices.

Taxirama is France's first multi-service facility for taxi drivers. The subsidiary offers solutions for all drivers, starting with the purchase of a new vehicle from a range of 15 brands. Drivers can also get help with acquiring and financing a taxi license, and for installing all the mandatory equipment (taximeter and top light) and optional equipment (G7 onboard device). 
What's more, the Taxirama repair shop performs repairs and updates to taximeters, top lights and the G7 radio.

Founded in 1954, Gamma Solutions became part of Groupe Rousselet in 2009, bringing with it extensive experience in automotive equipment. The subsidiary offers a complete and continuously renewed range of top lights and onboard units for taxi drivers throughout France via the Taxirama service. Our purpose is to enable drivers to offer a modern, professional service, thanks to easy-to-use and reliable, advanced GPS navigation and communications devices. 


vehicles sold in 2021


licenses transferred in 2021


taximeters and top lights in 2021

Taxirama services continue to expand

In 2020, Taxirama set up a purchasing groupe to allow drivers in the French regions to benefit from the same rates as their Parisian counterparts for the purchase of a new vehicle through partnerships with local car dealers. 
In the second half of 2021, Taxirama is stepping up support for people running their own taxi business by providing home loan facilities. Once drivers have finished paying for their license, they can take out a loan to buy their first home. 

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Pierre Hubert
CEO, Taxirama and Gamma Solutions
Gamma Solutions rolls out e-payment service

At the start of 2021, Gamma Solutions introduced a range of electronic payment terminals for taxis, bringing drivers the benefits of connected technology.

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