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Pragmatik is the driving force behind the high-performance IT resources deployed by Groupe Rousselet and its subsidiaries, ensuring their systems are always highly functional and powered by the most advanced applications.

Pragmatik's multi-language programming team supports customers in their digital transformation, enabling them to enhance their services and drive performance. State-of-the-art applications like real-time dispatch software, multimodal and multidevice platforms, connected vehicles and client extranets are among the advanced solutions we provide for other Groupe Rousselet subsidiaries and their customers. At Pragmatik, we listen closely to customers to develop solutions in tune with their markets.


software development engineers

Pragmatik is helping Groupe Rousselet subsidiaries embrace the digital age with a broad range of powerful services tailored closely to their needs. As well as managing their data, Pragmatik develops home-grown strategic business tools for the majority of the Groupe's subsidiaries.

Bruno Rousselet
Chairman and CEO of Pragmatik
A partner subsidiaries can count on

Pragmatik develops dedicated IT services for Groupe Rousselet's mobility and storage businesses in France and elsewhere in Europe. We're committed to supporting all our partners with the most effective tools to satisfy the needs of their customers and their own teams.