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Groupe Rousselet has become a leader in services for consumers and businesses by combining proven expertise with the discerning use of new technologies. By leveraging the latest developments in IT and connected applications, the Groupe continually adapts its mobility and storage solutions to align them as closely and consistently as possible with customer expectations.

Investing in technology for everyone’s benefit

All Groupe companies draw their strength from an extensive network worthy of the country’s largest operators. This strong local presence facilitates interaction with customers, enabling our teams to better understand their needs and offer them innovative solutions that make their lives easier. The network also enables the rapid deployment of new solutions across the country. The Groupe’s companies design these solutions by thinking first and foremost about customers’ needs. They aim to facilitate mobility, continuously enhance quality, increase flexibility and strengthen safety, while also taking into account the social, economic, environmental and behavioral changes that affect our society. To achieve this level of excellence, the resources allocated to research and development are constantly on the rise. We intend to speed up the design of new high-tech solutions to consolidate our leadership position in France and conquer carefully targeted international markets.

New apps to facilitate mobility and customers’ daily life 

Since the early 1980s, G7 has demonstrated a strong capacity for adapting new technologies to its business and integrating them rapidly into its services offering. G7 was the first operator to equip its taxi fleet with card machines in 1995 and then GPS in 1996, and customers have been able to book a G7 taxi via a smartphone app since 2008.  An innovation launched in 2016, G7 Connect, allows customers to pay via the app for a taxi hailed in the street. And for its partner hotels and restaurants, G7 created the G7 Express, a connected device that enables users to order a taxi with just one click. 
Innovation at G7 also means integrating new automotive technologies, especially when they’re environmentally responsible. Hybrid and electric vehicles represent more than 40% of the G7 fleet today, with a target of 50% by end-2021!

All these innovations are sources of growth for the Groupe, enabling it to meet additional consumer needs and reach out to new markets.

Our Ada subsidiary was the first car rental company to offer vehicle inspection using digital photography, a solution that’s both rapid and particularly reassuring for the customer. Ada has also launched a connected car rental service that gives customers the option of handling everything via their smartphone. At Ada, innovation also means offering alternative modes of transportation adapted to today’s mobility needs, such as the new Ada Bikes range of scooters, motorbikes and bicycles.

Creative, secure storage solutions

Innovation is also important in the storage business. Increasing the flexibility and ease-of-use of storage solutions for objects, documents and data is a key focus at Groupe Rousselet. Each subsidiary has therefore developed new solutions with a strong technological component.


All HOMEBOX customers now have access to a remote, fully-digital storage booking process. With the use of unique tracking tools, HOMEBOX also ensures full traceability of the goods received on behalf of its business customers. In addition, the increasing number of outlets in the HOMEBOX network is a major asset when dealing with key account business customers that require national coverage. It also enables the subsidiary to continuously increase its storage capacity and meet constantly growing demand.

Despite the current unstable economic environment and increasingly fierce competition in all our markets, Groupe Rousselet has many strengths that will enable us to continue creating value in our traditional markets. The high degree of autonomy we give our subsidiaries motivates and drives teams to constantly rethink their businesses and leverage their flair for innovation – all powerful growth drivers for the future.


The electronic archiving system with secure storage designed by Novarchive represents a major step forward in the transition to digital information. Accredited by the French National Archives Department (SIAF) and recently certified compliant with French standard NF 461, this highly secure solution is proof of the Groupe’s commitment to investing in reliable, sustainable infrastructure to help public and private organizations meet the challenges associated with the digital era.

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