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Who we are

Founded by André Rousselet, the Groupe has been chaired since 2001 by Nicolas Rousselet, who has transformed and diversified the business to make it a leader in everyday services for urban communities. It now has ten subsidiaries in three key areas of expertise: mobility, storage and support services. What began as a family-owned business has flourished into a leading enterprise built around entrepreneurship, shared decisions and performance, and a spirit of innovation.

A business model with entrepreneurship at its core

Through continuous growth, Groupe Rousselet has become a major player in the mobility and storage segments and a leader in France within its markets.

Our development model is underpinned by a bold entrepreneurial spirit, deep-seated humanist values and a constant quest for technological innovation. We also believe strongly in highly decentralized decision-making, encouraging everyone to contribute so that everyone benefits from our results.

Groupe Rousselet employs close to 900 people in France and across Europe, including 350 at our headquarters in the northern Paris suburb of Clichy.

The Groupe takes a responsible, sustainable approach to entrepreneurship, whether it be dealing with teams, social and environmental issues, or financial matters.

Armand Joseph-Oudin
Executive Vice President, G7
A competitive edge

The Groupe’s identity is shaped by a spirit of innovation and anticipation. Already in 2007 G7 launched its G7 Green fleet, and in 2009 a fleet of taxis was introduced for passengers with reduced mobility.

Operating in increasingly competitive markets, the Groupe has implemented an in-depth transformation process – including the widespread deployment of digital technology – to meet changing expectations in France, particularly in the mobility and storage segments.

In keeping with our long-standing commitment to the community and the environment, we have placed inclusion at the center of our development strategy, notably by continuously extending our geographic coverage in order to meet the needs of the French people.

Our three areas of expertise

Mobility (Ada, G7, Taxirama, Gamma, G7 Taxi Services): innovative services to make everyday life easier (taxi booking platform, equipment for taxis, services for taxis, vehicle rental).

Storage (Novarchive, HOMEBOX): a comprehensive range of solutions for businesses and consumers, with flexible services (self-storage, archiving).

Support services (Pragmatik, Sérénis, Foncière Sevenity): experts that enable the Groupe to offer state-of-the-art solutions (development of specialized software, customer relationship management, real estate).

Working in niche markets, we attach great importance to new ideas, but also to the people who make the company what it is.

Ronan Bourgain
CEO, Novarchive


business volume 2021


revenue 2021


employees Groupe-wide

400,000 sq.m.

storage and logistics space across more than 70 sites in France


G7 drivers in Paris and 4,500 partner taxis in more than 180 cities across France


Ada outlets

Our goal is to develop services for the city of tomorrow that facilitate life for people living in urban areas.

Soukaina Arharbi
Executive Vice President, Homebox
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CSR / Commitments
For each of our companies, being a responsible corporate citizen is not an option but a carefully thought-out strategy based on collective thinking to drive performance and deliver tangible, measurable results.

The governance team is responsible for defining the Groupe’s strategy and overseeing its implementation in line with Groupe values. It is supported by the Management Committees of each subsidiary and by the Board of Directors.


Under the leadership of Nicolas Rousselet, the family business has grown continuously, stepping up its expansion in the mobility segment and diversifying into self-storage and archiving.