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X SEVENITY company has recently been warned that ill-intentioned individuals are trying to pass themselves off to private individuals as representatives of "Foncière SEVENITY" company and are offering them to invest in portions of buildings owned by the various subsidiaries of the Rousselet Group. Under no circumstances are these proposals from SEVENITY or any other real estate or commercial company linked to the Rousselet Group.

No entity of the Rousselet Group is in the business of canvassing private individuals in order to invest in its real estate assets.
We therefore recommend that you exercise the utmost vigilance and, if necessary, do not respond to these fraudulent solicitations.

If you think you have received this type of communication, please send us the e-mail you received to: [email protected].

We remain at your disposal.

Nicolas Bellevegue
CEO, Foncière Sevenity
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Foncière Sevenity

Sevenity is Groupe Rousselet's real estate business, responsible for owning, managing and developing the Groupe's property. 

Our mission is to support the development of Groupe subsidiaries by:

  1. Ensuring the long-term preservation of property value. 
  2. Identifying new opportunities – in France and elsewhere in Europe – and conducting transactions. 
  3. Overseeing refurbishment and construction work.

Agility is the cornerstone of Foncière Sevenity's approach, allowing our teams to manage custom-tailored real estate programs in accordance with demanding investment criteria. We engage with subsidiaries at the earliest stage in their development projects to help them select the most strategic property locations. 

Continuously investing in new technology, ensuring compliance with environmental standards, maintaining and expanding our portfolio are our key enablers for adding long-term value to the Groupe's property. 

69 sites in France, Spain and Germany, with close to 400,000 sq.m. of property, including: 
• headquarters, both of the Groupe and its main subsidiaries, covering some 8,000 sq.m,
• 59 storage centers in France, Spain and Germany,
• 2 logistics hubs, covering almost 100,000 sq.m.
80% of Foncière Sevenity's revenue is generated through the Groupe's subsidiaries (the remaining 20% with outside customers).

Our purpose is to identify and seize opportunities for supporting Groupe subsidiaries' development strategies and for adding long-term value to our properties. We achieve this thanks to our multi-talented teams and agile structure. Our development activities range from sourcing investment opportunities to overseeing construction and refurbishment projects to deliver turnkey properties for our customers.

Nicolas Bellevegue
CEO of Sevenity
A year 2022 highlighted by the delivery and acquisition of new HOMEBOX sites

Sevenity is supporting HOMEBOX's expansion in France and Europe. Several key developments are worth noting:

  1.   The acquisition of new sites in Dijon Chenôve (Côté-d'Or), Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes), Valencia (Spain) and Seville (Spain) with the ambition to set up new centers there,

  2.   The turnkey delivery of new centers: Perpignan (extension, Pyrénées-Orientales), Alcala de Henares (suburb of Madrid, Spain) and Ludwigshafen (Germany).