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G7 Taxi Services

G7 Taxi Services – support for taxi drivers throughout their careers.

G7 supports its drivers throughout their careers with a range of services to make their day-to-day work easier. 
For lessee-drivers, G7 Taxi Services provides a fleet of taxi-equipped, fully insured vehicles, complete with a parking permit.
For independent taxi drivers with their own parking permit, G7 Taxi Services offers taxi vehicles for purchase, long-term rental or short-term rental.

A repair shop is available in the Paris suburb of Saint-Ouen, together with a taximeter maintenance service. 
G7 Taxi Services also offers insurance policies designed specifically for taxi drivers.

G7 Taxi Services helps both lessee-drivers and independent taxi drivers kick start their career. When they join us, they progressively become part of the profession, with the aim of obtaining their own license, through a G7 career plan. The Groupe takes this social responsibility very seriously.

Allan Underwood
CEO of G7 Taxi Services




lease vehicles


rental vehicles for self-employed drivers

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