PRAGMATIK is an IT services subsidiary within GROUPE ROUSSELET. The company supports the Group’s technological development. Our business is growing fast, with numerous concrete projects completed in synergy with Group subsidiaries.

6 .6 mil € in revenue
37 average headcount
2019 data


At PRAGMATIK, we automate processes for GROUPE ROUSSELET subsidiaries, offering a variety of specially designed services to meet the Group’s different needs. PRAGMATIK provides in-house data management services for most Group subsidiaries.

Chairman and CEO of PRAGMATIK



PRAGMATIK develops IT services for GROUPE ROUSSELET’s mobility and storage businesses. We guide the Group in its international development, in particular with multilingual IT services. 

In 2014, we designed a fare calculation system to guarantee customers a maximum price. Our teams also overhauled the IT infrastructure of the G7 TAXI SERVICE networks. For ADA and its franchise agencies, we developed the software LEA, which features a full web interface and entirely reworked database infrastructure. 

In logistics, the Group sold MGF Logistique, but we continued to monitor the company’s IT department until management responsibilities were fully transferred at the sites taken over by Norbert Dentressangle. We also attracted new IT service customers including Conserveries des Cinq Océans and Pimkie. 

PRAGMATIK’s archiving services helped NOVARCHIVE gain authorization from SIAF, the French National Archives, by overseeing the design of electronic safe services. We developed new internal management applications (GESER and SEPA) for HOMEBOX and set up a datacenter that can be accessed by all HOMEBOX sites (head offices and warehouses) to streamline its rental services.



In mobility services, PRAGMATIK is revamping the G7 TAXI SERVICE business application and adding new functionalities to the LEA software for ADA. We continue to handle the managed services for the Norbert Dentressangle sites in Genas and Gennevilliers and for the Satolas facility. 

PRAGMATIK completed the development of the Boxproweb interface, which combines the call center and large corporate customer management system. This solution is available to all HOMEBOX sites. For NOVARCHIVE, we are continuing development of Medona interfaces in line with new French standards. These interfaces enable interoperability between the customer’s and NOVARCHIVE’s information systems. 

Our support business is growing fast, with many computerization and automation projects in store.