NOVARCHIVE is a 30-year experience leading French information management company dedicated to records management with probative value.

It offers 4 different services: Document scanning, Information and records management consulting, Physical records storage and Electronic records storage. 

NOVARCHIVE is among the few leading players in France having all the certifications and approvals related to records management with probative value, both for the public and private sectors. 


11 .3 mil€ in revenue
100 Employees
9 Sites
1 350 Linear kilometers of storage capacity
3 000 Customers
98 % Customers satisfaction rate
*2019 data


NOVARCHIVE has been operating for more than 20 years in a niche market. As a small company within a large group, we enjoy the best of both worlds. This gives us the agility to be innovative, responsive and close to our customers while benefiting from the support and strength of GROUPE ROUSSELET.




NOVARCHIVE opened a new site in Lyon, for a total of seven centers in France, and extended a number of multi-year agreements. An electronic safe was developed, which customers can use to archive documents that would be legally admissible in court. Our electronic archiving system was updated to meet new standards, earning NOVARCHIVE a dual authorization from the French National Archives (SIAF) to store paper and electronic records from government procurement contracts. Only two companies in France have been granted this dual authorization. NOVARCHIVE upholds a high standard of service, which explains why 95% of our customers were satisfied with our services in 2014. 

We have introduced an electronic payment system and enhanced our digital media, adding new functions and streamlining the Novadoc interface. 

In 2013, as part of our new program to promote environmental responsibility, NOVARCHIVE signed the United Nations Global Compact to put its 10 fundamental principles into action. Under this commitment, we produced a sustainability report highlighting our progress in recycling and the recovery of paper and cardboard waste. Our efforts in 2014 saved nearly 15,000 trees, 18 million liters of water and 2 million liters of gas, while reducing the CO2 emissions resulting from our activities.



We at NOVARCHIVE are consolidating our position on the French market, stepping up our growth and enlarging our offer to adapt to our customers’ new needs for electronic services. 

We constantly optimize our resources to provide ever more efficient archiving solutions and maintain high service quality for our customers. For example, we continue to invest in our IT systems to improve the automation, simplification and traceability of our operating processes.