Continued growth, a testament to the relevance of our offering

Consolidated revenues by business

Services for taxis / taxi booking center€ 134.1M€ 150.2M+12%
Vehicle rental€ 91,0M€ 98.8M+9%
Self-storage and archiving€ 60.4M€ 66.3M+10%
Real estate€ 19.3M€ 19.9M+3%
Other activities€ -8.8M€ -10.9M-24%
Total€ 296.0M€ 324.3M+10%

2018 Activity report

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Breakdown of group consolidated revenues

Group consolidated financial statements

Revenues€ 296.0M€ 324.3M+10%
Gross operating profit € 59.5M€ 69.5M+17%
Operating income € 38.0M€ 43.5M+14%
Current income € 37.6M€ 43.1M+15%
Exceptional item/€ 5.0 M
Consolidated net income € 21.0M€ 29.5M+40%
Operating cash flow € 48.4M€ 49.4M+2%