A vision driven by entrepreneurial and managerial values



“Tap into the creativity of each one of us to maintain our leadership.”


Groupe Rousselet  increased its business volume to €828 million. Amidst a particularly intense competition, Groupe Rousselet reported sales of €324 million* and high net income. 
*2019 scope.


In this unstable economy that forced companies to be responsive and adaptable, Groupe Rousselet has made major changes in the last four years when renewing its management committees and teams, all while preserving a lean legal structure built on the principle of networks of entrepreneurs: drivers af filiated with the G7 reservation service, ADA franchisees, G7 TAXI SERVICE lessee taxi drivers, HOMEBOX rental managers and franchisees. The Group also decided to sell its logistics subsidiary MGF, which no longer had the critical mass to provide the best services to its customers. Today, the Group is in working order to rise to new challenges with agility and confidence. In France, Groupe Rousselet is the leader in its markets –car rental, reservation services and self-storage – demonstrating that French entrepreneurship can successfully compete with international giants present in each of these businesses. The Group will continue to pursue its policy of building local networks, diversifying its business portfolio and reinforcing its real estate assets.

The Group is also conquering markets outside of France. The progressive opening of HOMEBOX sites abroad, for instance, is a strong gauge of our business’s development potential across borders. 


Our development abroad is per fectly aligned with the Group’s raison d’être: offer new easily accessible, highly effective and customized services to simplify the everyday lives of people and businesses operating in urban areas. It also builds in an essential part of our Group’s DNA: giving the keys and the means to independent workers to become real entrepreneurs. 

This year, I insist on the need to be constantly on the lookout for new growth opportunities and to be bold and creative in reinventing our businesses while consolidating our achievements. Today, our leadership requires us to offer new channels and innovative services to make life easier for our customers, whether companies or individuals. 


Opportunities abound and Groupe Rousselet has what it takes to transform and ensure consistent, sustainable growth in all of our activities. I know I can count on your ability to mobilize, your enthusiasm, and the creativity of each one of you to better serve our clients and respect our partners.

A committed and decentralized group

Groupe Rousselet is an unlisted, family-owned group that incorporates and manages its entities like an open, creative and independent SME. The Group’s governance is structured in three levels: the Board of Directors, the Group Monitoring Committee, and an Executive Committee in each subsidiary. In addition, the Group carefully monitors its subsidiaries by regularly participating in their internal steering committees. 


Each subsidiary is accountable vis-à-vis the Group’s results in a spirit of promoting management accountability.

In return, the Group provides them with the resources necessary to properly manage their activities and their development.


Committed to the principle of decentralization, it strives to preserve a light central structure built mainly around legal and financial support. Groupe Rousselet is also an incubator of innovative activities in the fields of technology and services.