While Groupe Rousselet has major advantages and strong national roots for steady organic growth, setting up and developing its activities abroad is an essential part of its development strategy in the medium term, especially in Europe where the Group now exports its high added-value expertise in the transport of individuals and self-storage.

Deploying the group's expertise abroad

Deploying the group's expertise abroad

With a perfect command of the models and processes in each of its core businesses,  has adopted a strategy that favors setting up its own operations – without, however, foregoing certain acquisitions. This approach minimizes risk, and allows us to test markets to confirm whether or not a model that has already proven effective in France can be reproduced. The Group therefore remains agile, able to seize the opportunities that present themselves and deploy its expertise in neighboring countries. In the mobility market, the highly competitive environment in every country has promoted solidarity among historic actors.

Groupe Rousselet’s strategy abroad is part of a clear framework and a methodological approach: identify growth markets, establish a balanced relationship with local stakeholders and partners, offer high added value in these areas. This prudent approach is backed by detailed knowledge of market expectations and reliable solutions, a key to lasting success.

Professional and private travel in France and abroad increasingly falls into a dual approach to optimize time and secure the trip. 


G7’s subsidiary VOYAGES & BUSINESS offers the missing link to “door-to-door” travel, providing international travelers a complete, no-hassle trip. The system is accessible via an API integrated into different online booking sites related to travel (lodgings, air or rail transport, etc.), or directly into partner sites (hotel chains, airlines, etc.). The company is gradually rolling out these offers internationally, allowing the Group to strengthen its ties with industry professionals. This offers the Group a very rewarding high-tech image throughout the world.


In the area of self-storage, HOMEBOX – number one in France and enjoying a very positive image throughout the country – began to expand abroad with the opening of sites in Germany ans Spain. Europe presents many opportunities that are currently being studied, primarily in neighboring countries.