Investing in technology for the common good

Groupe Rousselet earned its leading position in services to both individuals and companies by combining proven expertise and relevant use of new technologies. Taking full advantage of advances in information technology and connected applications, the Group constantly seeks to renew its offering. It strives to meet the expectations of its customers in terms of mobility and storage in an ever more precise and pertinent way.


All of the companies in the Group draw strength from a comprehensive network worthy of the largest national operators. This strong presence facilitates contact with customers, allowing the Group to better understand them and offer them innovative solutions to make their daily lives easier. This coverage also enables us to quickly roll out new offers throughout the entire country. 


Above all, Group companies imagine these offers with the customer in mind. They aim to facilitate mobility, constantly improve quality, offer greater flexibility and strengthen security, all while taking into account economic, social, behavioral and environmental changes in society. 


To achieve this level of excellence, the resources allocated to research and to development are always growing. The Group also intends to accelerate the development of new technological solutions to consolidate its leading position in France and enter into carefully targeted foreign markets.

New applications to facilitate mobility and simplify people's everyday lives

Since the beginning of the 1980s, G7 has demonstrated a keen ability to adapt new technologies to its business and to integrate them very quickly into its service offering. In 1995, G7 was the first operator to equip the taxis in its fleet with credit card terminals. In 1996, all of the vehicles in its fleet were tracked via GPS to optimize ride allocation. In 2008,  G7 became the first operator to offer customers the possibility of ordering a taxi with a smartphone application. More recently, Groupe Rousselet launched the eCab international taxi booking service and the WeCab pooled taxi service. In 2015, the Group launched G7 BOOKING, a booking interface that provides tourism professionals a “door-to-door” solution to transport travelers. More recently, G7 Connect option allows the passenger of a taxi taken in the street to directly pay through the app.

These innovative services are all growth drivers for the Group: they allow it to meet the additional demands of consumers and address new markets. 

The subsidiary ADA is the first rental company to offer a rapid condition report solution using digital photographs, providing effective security for the renter. ADA also proposes connected vehicles that the client can rent and open through their smartphone: a first on this highly competitive market!

Original and secure storage solutions

The storage business is no exception: increasing flexibility for storing objects, documents and data is an important challenge for Groupe Rousselet. Each subsidiary is therefore developing new, technology-intensive offerings. 

Today, HOMEBOX offers tools unique on the market, allowing it to ensure full traceability of the good received on behalf of corporate customers. In addition, we are increasing the number of locations, a major advantage for satisfying a professional clientele of key accounts that requires national coverage. This also allows us to constantly augment storage capacity and to meet increasing demand.

The electronic archiving system with secure conservation designed by NOVARCHIVE is a major step towards digitalizing information. This high-security solution was certified by the Service Interministériel des Archives de France and testifies to Groupe Rousselet’s readiness to invest in durable, reliable infrastructure to support private and public institutional actors in the digital age. 

Despite an unstable economic environment and ever growing competition on all of its markets, Groupe Rousselet has major assets that allow it to continue to create value on its traditional markets. Acting with a large degree of autonomy, its subsidiaries generate a momentum and enthusiasm that motivate teams to reinvent their businesses and innovate to unlock tremendous growth drivers for the future.